Scholarships & Financial Aid

Community Music School is committed to making its programs of music instruction affordable to all. Due to the generosity of many individuals and through the fundraising efforts of the CMS students, faculty, and staff at the annual student Performathon, CMS is able to offer scholarships and financial assistance to many worthy and deserving students. Scholarship recipients are expected to participate in the annual Performathon.

Financial Assistance

Assistance is available and awarded on the basis of need, therefore all applicants must be prepared to submit their most recent IRS 1040 along with their application. An application must be submitted each year.

Download Financial Aid Application Here

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Merit Scholarships

Limited funding is available for school age students who have demonstrated exceptional talent and/or potential through their recital participation as well as their weekly progress at lessons. To be eligible for a Merit Scholarship, the student must be enrolled in either the Music Certificate Program or the Honors Certificate Program. However, acceptance into one of the certificate programs does not guarantee the award of a merit scholarship. Students are awarded a Merit Scholarship for the up-coming year on the basis of their year-end performance exam and/or audition which takes place each year at the beginning of June. Recipients are expected to participate in the annual Performathon.