Private Lessons

Community Music School offers private instrumental and vocal lessons for beginner through advanced level students at both our Trappe and Pottstown locations. Students have the option of enrolling in one of three programs of instruction; General Music Instruction, Music Certificate or Honors Certificate. Each program provides for developing musicians at different levels of achievement and offers a combination of group classes and individual lessons as a whole package.

New students may register for lessons at any time.
If you would like to register for lessons, please contact our Registrar at 610-489-3676 or

Private Instrumental & Vocal Lessons

Brass Strings Woodwinds Additional
Baritone Bass Bassoon Harp*
Euphonium Cello* Bass Clarinet Piano*+
French Horn Guitar+ Clarinet+ Percussion
Trombone Mandolin Flute Voice+
Trumpet Viola*+ Oboe
Violin*+ Saxophone

* Suzuki Instruction Available
+ Adapted Lessons Available

General Music Instruction

This program is most suited for beginning level students (up to two years of study) or for adult students. Advancing students may consider enrolling in one of CMS’s certificate programs.
Tuition is billed on a quarterly basis with 9 to 10-lessons in each quarter September through June. There is a 6-week summer session offered as well. Students may enroll at any time during a quarter and will be pro-rated for the remaining lessons in that particular quarter.

Tuition for students enrolled in the General Instruction Program includes:
– weekly private lessons
– rehearsals and performances with a professional accompanist
– student recitals
– access to the CMS music library
– written progress report at the end of the year
– 20% discount on any additional class/ensemble

2017-2018 Lesson Rates: Regular Master*
30-minute lesson $33.80 $41.00
45-minute lesson $50.50 $61.75
60-minute lesson $67.50 $82.00

Lesson Discounts:

  • Multiple Lessons Discount: First lesson is billed at the regular/Master rate and each additional private lesson receives a 5% discount (discount is taken off the lesser priced lesson).
  • Music Theory Discount: 20% off the cost of music theory classes for students enrolled in private lessons.
  • Ensemble/Class Discount: 20% off the cost of ensembles or classes for students enrolled in private lessons.


CMS has a limited supply of rental instruments with availability on a first-come-first-serve basis. Students are responsible for maintenance of instruments (e.g., string and reed replacement, cleaning) and any repair costs due to damage. Rental fees vary. Please inquire at the front desk or contact for availability and pricing.

The CMS piano faculty recommends that piano students have regular access to a standard acoustic piano, one that is well maintained and tuned regularly. CMS often receives notice of pianos for sale in the area. Families can check the bulletin boards in the lobby areas for notices. For families of beginning piano students that are unable to afford an acoutsic piano or already own a digital piano, their digital piano should meet the following minimum specifications:

  • Piano keyboard should have 88 keys with graded action to reproduce the key weight and dynamic range of an acoustic piano.
  • Voicing should contain the “Grand Piano” setting and be stereo sampled.
  • Keyboard should have an ample stand to allow a proper sitting position and have functioning pedals to offer the damper and una corda (soft pedal) options.
  • Parents should make plans to acquire an acoustic piano within one to two years of the student’s initiation of piano study at CMS.

CMS has always used the services of Landis Piano Service for the maintenance and tuning of our pianos. Glen Landis can be reached at 610-858-4823 or

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