Mission & History


Since 1991 Community Music School has been the region’s leading resource for quality music education. Community Music School’s twofold mission is to enrich lives and communities by offering excellent, affordable music instruction to all people and to provide performance opportunities that contribute to the cultural life of the communities we serve. This dual mission is based upon the notion that music should play a central role in the life of any healthy community and that each and every individual has the capacity for music expression at some appropriate level of understanding and skill.

Our Core Values

  • Welcoming: A commitment to serving individuals of all ages, aptitudes and interests.
  • Excellence: A commitment to provide quality music instruction by maintaining a faculty of talented and professional music educators.
  • Community: A commitment to enrich lives and strengthen relationships in the community through music.
  • Appreciation: A commitment to cultivate and promote music appreciation in our community.
  • Nurturing: A commitment to fostering music interests in a supportive and caring environment to all those who study music at Community Music School.

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